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Ian's Driving School Winchester

Winchester, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, Otterbourne, Hursley, Silkstead, Kings Worthy, Sparsholt, Twyford, Shawford, Compton, North Baddesley, Romsey, Southampton Airport, North Stoneham, Chilworth and surrounding areas

Jacob WhitierJacob Whitier
Passed 1st Time !!!
Ian has been an incredible driving instructor from start to finish. Ian creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere in the car which enables students to learn fast and confidently. His composed, confident demeanor enables him to create a feeling that when something goes wrong, you feel confident in solving the problem without being judged. Thus, this settles many of the nerves going into your first lesson. His knowledge of the roads shines through in every lesson, enabling any student to pick up from his advice swiftly and carefully. Not only will Ian make you a test ready driver, but he will make you a confident driver on the roads by making you experience moments that will challenge your abilities, making you a more natural driver. He constantly encourages your improvement and refines your abilities swiftly. He is also a funny, personable person, who makes every drive a pleasure! I would recommend Ian to any prospective driver, as his calm, assertive approach allows you to pass quickly and effectively. Thank you so much for helping me pass!

Daniel PreeceDaniel Preece
A Great First Time Pass
I’ve really enjoyed learning to drive with the LDC System. I don’t think I would have passed without Ian and all the help and support he gave me, telling me where I need to improve and what my strengths and weaknesses were. Also explaining what to do in different situations. I’ve honestly loved learning with LDC and lan I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn. I can’t thank him enough for helping me pass my test.

Stevie PriestnerStevie Priestner
1st Time Pass!
Ian is the perfect driving instructor, he is friendly, patient and encouraging. He makes sure you are getting the most out of the time spent with him and is more than understanding of any limitations or struggles you may have whilst learning. Ian’s positive and determined outlook provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for you to perform to the best of your abilities so that you can pass quickly and safely. I would highly, highly recommend Ian to anyone and everyone. Thanks so much Ian!

Charlie GordonCharlie Gordon
1st TIME PASS !!!!!
Having had some time away from driving and feeling low on confidence, Ian was a brilliant teacher who put me at ease straight away. His structured approach and knowledge about driving around Winchester and surrounding areas really helped me learn effectively and he was able to answer any questions I had. His calm manner in the car and feedback during the lessons was really helpful too and by the time it came to the test I felt confident and well prepared. I would 100% recommend Ian to anyone looking for a driving instructor!

Ashley DouglasAshley Douglas
1st Time Pass
After some time off learning to drive, I found learning with Ian and LDC a great experience - honest, reliable and definitely helped my confidence with driving - would (and have) recommend to anyone!

Passed 1st Time
I used Ian for some extra confidence while waiting for my practical test to be done back home, and I couldn’t recommend his services enough! His relaxed manner allowed me to stay calm and feel more confident in the car. Ian really tailors the lessons to the areas you feel are needing the most work and ensure that you are confident and safe when completing them before moving on! I would highly recommend using Ian to both learn to drive or to regain confidence again on the roads Maxine

Adam ConstableAdam Constable
Passed 1st Time
I took the 1 week intense driving course with Ian. Having 2 years experience on the roads on motorcycles I picked up driving quite quick with Ian's assistance and advice. Very enjoyable and educational lessons with a relaxed and comfortable learning atmosphere. Kind Regards

Corrie Stirling-StainbyCorrie Stirling-Stainby
Great 1st Time PASS !!!!
Lessons with Ian improved my driving technique and most of all my confidence. I had some driving experience previously but did not learn the test routes as well and found this extremely beneficial for the test. I feel that I am a much better driver now and would recommend Ian to anyone who wants a supportive, decent instructor who makes you feel at ease and is really personable. Thanks so much, Corrie.

Nathan BlakeNathan Blake
Passed my Test 1st Time
Great instructor, I learned a lot in my lessons that I had with Ian. He boosted my confidence and gave me self belief in my driving ability. Pleased to say that I passed my test at the first attempt. I would recommend Ian and LDC without hesitation.

Lewis Griffith-JonesLewis Griffith-Jones
1st Time PASS !!!!!
Ian was a fantastic instructor from start to finish. His methods are great and his way of explaining situations and what we were doing made a huge difference to me. After every lesson it felt that I had learnt something completely new, and interesting. Because of the calm and clear way he presents the lessons this then made me a lot more confident and calm when I took my test.

Eric Morales-Granagos
First Time Passed !!!
Very happy about how much Ian managed to help me and guide me to Pass my test First Time in only 11 hours of lessons. Thank you.

Amy BridgeAmy Bridge
Passed 1st Time
Thank you very much Ian, for helping me with my Driving Lessons, and getting me to pass! FIRST TIME. I really appreciate your time and effort in helping with learn to drive. Take care and thank you again for helping me to pass my test.

One Week Intesive Course - Passed First Time
I passed my test after five days with Ian, who is a brilliant instructor. He was the first person I contacted after reading his testimonials and I couldn’t recommend him more highly to anyone reading this. His extensive knowledge and experience with driving shines through in his confidence-boosting teaching style and patient, professional manner. There was a lot to take in (one-week intensive course, no prior experience) but lessons with Ian were constantly enjoyable as he’s a ray of sunshine to be around. I didn’t expect the LDC book & DVD to be as helpful as they were, especially in-between lessons. I credit Ian's calm approach for passing first time as he made driving feel natural. Thank you again for teaching me how to drive; I’m grateful for the way you went above and beyond and wish you the best. Kind regards, Aeysha.

Joe LeeJoe Lee
One week Intensive Course & Passed first time
I did a 30 hour intense driving course, just over two weeks with Ian. To start with he helped settle my nerves after a previous bad experience with learning to drive. Ian gave me more confidence and was a great teacher. Ian’s knowledge and the LDC workbook helped me prepare for my practical test. Ian’s teaching style was very calm and pleasant. If I ever made a mistake it was never a case of criticism, we would just try again. I would highly recommend Ian to any new learner or anyone, like myself, who has had a previously bad experience. I am very thankful for Ian’s coaching as it enabled me to pass first time. Thanks again Ian for all your help.

Emma MashamEmma Masham
1st Time Pass
I can’t thank Ian enough for what he has help me achieve. For someone that had a fear of driving he instantly put me at ease. Ian pushed me and supported me where needed and he was always positive in all lessons. The LDC book was a great help when it came to refreshing my knowledge. Anyone looking for a driving instructor I couldn’t recommend Ian enough. A smashing guy. (I’m actually going to miss my lessons) but so glad to now be driving. Thanks again Ian.

Juliette AshmanJuliette Ashman
Passed First Time
I have really enjoyed my driving lessons with Ian, I looked forward to everyone one of them! The 2 hour lessons go so fast and it allowed me to enjoy driving as a hobby rather than to just pass a test. Thank you.

Iva YotovaIva Yotova
Thank you for teaching me
Thank you for being the best driving instructor I could’ve asked for. You fit the learning based around my needs and were always encouraging, which made me feel like I can do it. Thank you for never putting any pressure on me and always teaching in a very calm and friendly manner, which made the lessons enjoyable rather than daunting. Also, a huge thank you for making me feel at ease and teaching me how to be a confident driver. Thank you again Ian, it’s been a pleasure.

Harrison BrombleyHarrison Brombley
Passed my test
Thank you for all of your help with my driving, I always felt at ease being taught by you, you are a really good instructor. You allowed me to learn everything there is to be a confident driver, and always remaining safe. Using the LDC system and work book was a great aid to help me learn alongside my driving lessons. Thank you again, for all of your help.

Rachel DoyleRachel Doyle
Passed my Driving Test
Lessons with Ian were of excellent value because of his calm and encouraging manner, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning to drive. I was always able to drive for the full time of the session and so never felt rushed or pressured. A huge thank you to Ian for helping me pass, and I would definitely recommend his service. :)

Asmaa KamaraldinAsmaa Kamaraldin
Passed my test
I want to thank you Ian, for helping me to practice my driving with you and Passing my driving test. I got a good experience from you and I would recommend people to have there lessons with you as you remain calm at all times. You are a very good instructor, thank you for your time and for using the LDC system. thank you.

Laurence WilsonLaurence Wilson
First Time Pass
The service provided by LDC was straight forward to arrange, and high quality. My Instructor, Ian, could not have been better, and helping me too pass my test first time. My experience could not be faulted and I would highly recommend Ian and using the LCD system with work skills book. thank you once again.

James BoyleJames Boyle
Passed my test

Victoria GreyVictoria Grey
Thanks for helping me pass my test
Thanks so much Ian for helping me pass my test. The intensive week was fantastic even though my nerves got the better of me on the test. I passed eventually though and couldn't be happier. Ian made me feel relaxed and confident in my own abilities. I told Ian how I learn best and he took this on board during my lessons. Highly recommended. Thanks again.

Laura ClemensonLaura Clemenson
I passed my driving Test
Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test. I was really lacking in confidence before hand, and had quite high anxiety about being behind the wheel of a car after a bad experience when I was 17. Your calm, cheerful and relaxed lessons helped me feel comfortable again. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns and ensure that I was happy in my lessons but also being pushed to improve. I highly recommend the LDC method with the workbook and Ian as an instructor. If you're still teaching in 15 years I'll send my daughter to you! :) Laura

Mary CorkMary Cork
Thanks for helping me to PASS my test
Hi Ian, Until I found Ian through LDC, I had been in and out of driving lessons for 12 years, continually delaying taking my test. With Ian's instruction over a few months I finally gained the confidence to take the test and pass! And using the LDC Workskills Book helped me focus on my learning and was a great guidance ready for my next lessons. Ian was always calm, clear and patient in our lessons. I would highly recommend him to anyone at any level of driving experience. Thank you

Arlene ZunigaArlene Zuniga
1st time PASS, thank you
Hello Ian. I am just writing to thank you for your driving instructions that were crucial to help me pass my practical driving test. You gave me clear instructions and with your patience you allowed me to gain my confidence in my driving. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive with a calm and friendly manner. Again, Thank you very much!!

Jacob SmallJacob Small
Thanks for helping me to Pass
Hi Ian, Thank you for teaching me to drive, you are a very good instructor and teach in a calm and friendly manner, I never felt any pressure whilst learning with you. You were relaxed and committed to teach me to my needs. Also using the LDC System helped me to read up for my next lesson, and the LDC Work Skills book was easy to follow and explain things in detail. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive, Thank you very much once again. Jacob Small

Jennifer M
Thank you, 1st Time Pass
A very likeable fella who is wholly encouraging, clear and simple with instructions and a real calming influence. I went from decidedly nervous to very confident going into my test and was delighted to pass first time. Thank you again Ian, it’s been a real pleasure. Jennifer M

Cass SimpsonCass Simpson
Hello Ian, I would just like to say thank you for helping me PASS my Driving Test, and completing a One Week Intense Pass Course using the LDC System with the LDC Work Skills Book and DVD's, It was a lot to take in every day, But you made the lessons enjoyable, and more importantly you were always calm and relaxed, which helped me so much, thank you. Also the knowledge you have of all the different types of roads in Eastleigh and in Winchester is amazing !! I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a safe, calm and relaxed manner. Thanks again, Cass

Jack TJack T
Ian, just a quick message to you, to say thank you very much for helping me through my learning to drive. And to teach me how to be a safe driver, and PASS first time !! thanks again

Molly GreenMolly Green
You helped me Pass First Time
Hi Ian, Thank you so much for teaching me how to drive. After having a bad experience when I first started learning to drive with a different Driving Instructor my confidence couldn’t have been any lower, But you made me feel so comfortable and confident in a matter of a couple of lessons. I felt like I was never going to get there, but I did get there, and I Passed First Time, thanks to you. Honestly you are the best Driving Instructor in the area I would recommend you to anyone, and you also make learning to drive fun and light hearted. Thank you again! Molly Green.

L. ByrneL. Byrne
Passed 1st Time
Just to say, thank you so much for teaching me how to drive PROPERLY. I had a few issues when learning, but you helped guide me to the right outcome, You're an amazing driving instructor and made learning to drive enjoyable for me. Everything that I struggled with at times, seemed to be gone after a couple of lessons. So thank you so much, I would definitely recommend you to anyone that wants to learn to drive easily, in a calm and safe manner and properly. Thank you.